Why We're Better

The EZSpotFree water purification process is different than any other system on the market.

The EZSpotFree water purification process is different than any other system on the market. Its unique process removes hard water minerals and other harmful contaminants from rinse water.

How Traditional "Water Softeners" Work

Traditional water softener systems trade mineral hardness for sodium, positive charged ions that are still mineral solids. When mineral hardness is just exchanged of sodium, you still have mineral hardness – only in a different form. The sodium combines with other properties in the water to form mineral salts. This is why a water softener will often leave spots. In all water, there are some negatively charged mineral solids present (such as Chloride). Negatively charged mineral solids are not removed in the softening process. When the positive charged sodium ions come in contact with the negative charged chloride ions or other negative charged acid ions, they are drawn together. The results are mineral salt deposits, even though the water has been softened. When these mineral salt deposits dry, you will often have spots as a result.

Spot Free Water

The end results are water spots caused by mineral hardness in the softened water. Soft water will help soap work more effectively, but will not provide a touchless, spot-free rinse. It only leaves a different type of mineral deposit. In some cases, it can actually leave salt deposits that can be damaging to fine finishes such as stainless steel, polished aluminum, zinc plating chrome plating, clear-coat paint, and other painted surfaces.

How the EZSpotFree System Works

The EZSpotFree system is a unique process that removes hardness minerals and sodium from water. This process eliminates the possibility of any mineral acids being present that could combine with other mineral solids and leave a spot.

The result of this exclusive process is pure water. After washing with the EZSpotFree your water dries and you have a clear finish with no spots. The EZSpotFree water evaporates, leaving no residue or spots.